What is the 'Type of Content' (TC) in the Contify Market Intelligence Newsfeed?

In the Contify Market Intelligence platform, the news/information is categorized into 43 content types. Leveraging the filter feature the user can personalize the newsfeed based on content types as per his preferences. It leads to a better user experience and improves user engagement as only the content type that meets the filter criteria of the user gets displayed in the newsfeed. The exhaustive list of the 'Type of Content' is mentioned below for ready reference:

  1. Thought Leadership

  2. Job Postings

  3. News Articles

  4. Marketing Resources

  5. Datasheets (Marketing Resources)

  6. Reports & Studies (Marketing Resources)

  7. Infographics (Marketing Resources)

  8. Newsletters/ Emails (Marketing Resources)

  9. Videos (Marketing Resources)

  10. Case Studies (Marketing Resources)

  11. Surveys (Marketing Resources)

  12. White Papers (Marketing Resources)

  13. Presentations (Marketing Resources)

  14. E-books (Marketing Resources)

  15. Blogs (Marketing Resources)

  16. Webinars (Marketing Resources)

  17. Review

  18. Forums

  19. Regulatory Filings

  20. SEC Filings (Regulatory Filings)

  21. 10-K (SEC Filings)

  22. 10-Q (SEC Filings)

  23. 8-K (SEC Filings)

  24. S-1 (SEC Filings)

  25. S-4 (SEC Filings)

  26. BSE Filings (Regulatory Filings)

  27. NSE Filings (Regulatory Filings)

  28. Social Updates

  29. Patents & Trademarks

  30. Press Releases

  31. Clinical Trials

  32. Notifications/ Notices

  33. Field/ Primary Intelligence

  34. Interviews

  35. Website Changes

  36. Messaging Change (Website Changes)

  37. Pricing Change (Website Changes)

  38. Product/ Services Change (Website Changes)

  39. New Section/ Offering (Website Changes)

  40. Podcasts

  41. Investor Updates

  42. Earnings Call/Transcripts (Investor Updates)

  43. Annual Reports (Investor Updates)