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Using Smart Filters


Smart Filters are one of the core features of Contify's Newsfeed and platform. You can select one or multiple smart filters to narrow down the search results based on different criteria, and not just keywords. Contify's 'Standard' platform comes with the following (pre-configured) smart filters:

  1. Topics

  2. Companies

  3. Industries

  4. Type of Source

  5. Type of Content

  6. Sources

  7. Locations

** These filters are fully customizable in the 'Enterprise' version of Contify.

By default, the platform uses ‘AND’ operators between the filters selected from different categories when a search is created.

For example, if you select 'Microsoft' from the company filter and 'Computer Software' from the 'Industry' filter, you'll get updates that include both 'Microsoft', the company, AND 'Computer Software', the industry, in your search results.