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User Permissions and Privileges · Admin and Platform Users

The Platform allows two types of users — Admin and Platform Users

Admin users, by default, have full edit access to all areas of the Contify Platform — Newsfeed, Dashboards, Taxonomy Builder, Sourcing Manager, Account Management, and User Analytics, with unrestricted privileges to add new users and make modifications.

Manage permissions

In addition to the above standard set of permissions and privileges, Admin users can manage permissions for individual users. Admin users grant or revoke access to specific Dashboards (and their Workspaces), give permissions for Content  Access, Editing/Curation Privileges, Taxonomy Builder, Newsletter Manager, and can even make platform users as new Admin users.

To manage a userʼs access to the various modules of the platform, head over to Account Management from the hamburger menu on the top-right corner of the navigation bar.

From your list of users, click on the individual youʼd like to manage, and use the checkboxes to grant or revoke access to the platform areas.

Screenshot 2022-07-21 at 7.03.53 PM


Permission Admin User Platform User
Newsfeed - Add/edit story Default access Permission-based
Newsfeed - Curation Default access Permission-based
Newsfeed - Download content Default access Permission-based
Newsletter Manager - Create/send newsletters Default access Permission-based
Dashboards - Add/edit dashboards Default access Permission-based
Taxonomy Builder - Manage taxonomy Default access Permission-based
Sourcing Manager - Manage content sources Default access Permission-based
Account Management - Add/edit users Default access No rights
User Analytics Default access No rights
Manage permissions for other users Default access No rights
Give permissions for specific-content-access Default access No rights