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Track competitors in non-English language sources with SmartTranslate

Get an exhaustive snapshot of your market and competitive landscape by tracking intelligence across geographies in their local languages.

With Contifyʼs SmartTranslate, you can now track the latest updates from non-English sources such as news and company websites, social media channels, review and discussion forums, regulatory portals for comprehensive coverage of your market and competitive landscape.

The sourced updates are auto-translated into English before theyʼre processed and analyzed by Contifyʼs machine-learning algorithms and human curators for clean, noise-free market and competitive intelligence.

To get intelligence from non-English language sources delivered right into your newsfeed, contact your dedicated Engagement Manager.

How to access updates from non-English sources

To view non-English updates right in your newsfeed, click the Content Languages filter from the left pane, select the desired language and hit Apply. The filtered view will show you updates from the selected languages labeled as ‘Translatedʼ.

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