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How to apply the 'OR' operator between different smart filters?

'Advanced Search' allows using an 'OR' operator between different smart filters

By default, the tags selected from different filter categories are searched as 'AND' operators between them. 

For example, if you select 'Microsoft' from the company filter and 'Computer Software' from the 'Industry' filter, then you'll get updates that are tagged with both 'Microsoft' AND 'Computer Software'.

This works well if you need information on 'Microsoft' related only to the 'Computer Software' industry. But, it's difficult if you need information related to either 'Microsoft' OR 'Computer Software'. 

To achieve this, you need to use 'Advanced Search.

Let's see how to achieve 'Microsoft' OR 'Computer Software' using the advanced search box:

  1. Type 'Company' and select it from the dropdown

  2. Type the name of the company (Microsoft) in the parenthesis

  3. Type 'OR' followed by the name of the second filter (Industries)

  4. Type the name of the industry (Computer Software) and select it from the dropdown

NOTE: You should select the filter names and tags from the dropdown, otherwise, you won't get the desired results.