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Getting started with Contify on Zapier

Getting started with Contify on Zapier Integrate - personalized intelligence on your competitors, customers, and industry segments brought right into your apps, via Zapier.

 Create a New Zap

Log into Zapier, select Zaps from the navigation panel on the left and then hit the Make a New Zap button (if you have existing Zaps, the button will be labelled Create Zap).

In the New Zap setup wizard that opens, give a name to your Zap using the text input field on the top-left corner.

Setting up your Trigger

A trigger is an event that starts your Zap. You can trigger your app 'Contify' to push updates into your apps when 'a new update is available for one of your Saved Searches' (event).

Use the Search bar to search for Contify and the subsequent dropdown to select Run a Saved Search. Hit the Continue button.

Connect your Contify account

Upon hitting the Continue button on the previous step, you will be asked to connect Zapier to your Contify account, using the same credentials you use to log in to Contify.

Once authenticated, use the drop-down menu to select a Saved Search.


You can now select the app of your choice to receive the updates from your Saved Search.