Email integration with Contify platform

Contify platform supports email integration. Users can send an email to the Contify platform with the intel they want to share, and Contify platform will categorize it as Primary Intel and make it available for other users

Users can collaborate and share intel across the organization easily by sending an update email to the Contify platform

Users can share an email to share intel on Contify platform at:

Email subject: This will be the story/ update 'title' in Contify platform

Email body: This will be the story/ update 'summary' in Contify platform

Update type: Will be classified as 'Primary Intel'

Contify system will process the email and will create a new story/ update on the platform.

All requisite custom tags will be applied to the story/ update before it is created on the platform as Primary Intel

Users do not need to be registered on the Contify platform to add intelligence. Contify system can recognize the email domain, and will add the intelligence to the platform accordingly

Contify system does not upload any documents that are attached in the email