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Creating a Newsletter

Step by step guide to creating a Newsletter - Option 1 - via the Newsfeed; Option 2. via the Newsletter Manager section

Option 1: Creating a newsletter from the Newsfeed:

  1. Select the articles of choice from your Newsfeed section

  2. On the horizontal menu that appears at the top, select Add to Newsletter. From here, you can either create a new Newsletter or choose to add articles to an existing Newsletter (existing Newsletter names will appear in the dropdown after clicking 'Add to Newsletter')

  3. Select Create a Newsletter, and the new window will ask to select a 'New Report' or an 'Existing Report'

    1. For Existing Report - select the existing Newsletter name and the section in the respective drop-downs

    2. For New Report - add details, such as the Newsletter Name, Select the Newsletter Template (one can select a default template or a pre-configured customized template), and a New Section 

  4. Click on Add (+) to Confirm and Save

  5. Watch the video below to see the above steps live in action!

Option 2: Creating a newsletter from the Newsletter Manager: 

You can access the 'Newsletter Manager' from the hamburger User Menu at the top right corner. Once you reach the newsletter manager page, you can follow the below steps:

  • Click on the button to 'Create New' Newsletter
  • When you click the 'Create New' button, the pop-up window will ask you to enter the desired name of the newsletter (will help identify a particular newsletter later), the template you want to use (can request Contify analyst to customize one based on your needs), and the saved search you want to select (this helps populate the newsletter with predefined filters; it's all right if you do not have a saved search at this stage).
  • The video below will help you get up to speed with the steps above: 

You also have an additional option of creating your own HTML template for the newsletter. Inside the newsletter creator, you can

  1. Add or remove newsletter recipients

  2. Set the subject line of the newsletter

  3. Customize the newsletter elements (logo, theme color, font, and others) according to your preferences

  4. You also have the option of previewing the newsletter, sending a test newsletter, or scheduling the newsletter to be sent now or later