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APIs - Enterprise & Standard

The Contify APIs are used to integrate Market Intelligence into your application

Use our APIs to provide curated intelligence on Competitors, Customers, Prospects, and Industries in the form of press releases, news, investor relations updates, regulatory updates, social media posts, and other marketing collateral hosted on company websites. Content is aggregated from company websites, news publishers, social media, and regulators.

Our APIs are RESTful. Responses are delivered in JSON format. Request an API key to get started with a free trial account.


Contify will issue an API Key and App ID to you. Use it to identify and authorize each request. Keep your API key private and never display it publicly.

Access to all API endpoints must be authenticated. Your requests should specify the API key, App ID, and response format using an extended header field with the name

Accept: application/json" --header “APPID:$your_id" --header “APPSECRET:$your_key

Reach out to your respective analyst for more details on Standard and/or Enterprise API documentation

Sampe Response codes

Status Code Description
200 OK The request was successful.
400 Bad Request The request was malformed. It might be missing a query param
403 Forbidden The API key is invalid, missing, or has exceeded its quota.
404 Not Found The requested endpoint is incorrect.
405 Method Not Allowed You have queried the API with an unsupported HTTP method. Retry your query with either GET or POST.
500 Internal Server Error There was an unexpected error on our server. If you see this please contact chirag.bansal@contify.com.
503 Service Temporarily Unavailable There is a transient downstream error condition.