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'Add Insight': Centralize all intelligence in one platform to break silos by adding primary insights

Primary Intelligence insights can now be added directly to the platform - power up your intelligence gathering with the 'Add Insights' button


Users can now directly ‘Add new insight’ into the platform. These insights can be added from three different sources:

  1. Web article

  2. Field Intelligence

  3. Report or Presentation

To add ‘Insight’ from a ‘Web article’ simply add the date, URL, and headline. The summary will be automatically created from the first paragraph of the article. Users can also add tags to the new web article. Simply start typing in the tags field to pull up tag suggestions. Users can upload a file as an attachment. It is mandatory to add the date and the headline to add a ‘Web article’ into the platform.

The users can also add ‘Insight’ from a ‘Field Intelligence’ by simply adding the date, headline, and the field intelligence (summary).

Users can also add ‘Insight’ in the form of a new ‘Report or Presentation’. Simply upload the report or the presentation file by clicking on upload the file. Users can add any of the .PDF, .PPT, .XLS file types. The maximum file size is 5 MB. The user must add a date and headline to the new report or presentation added.

This feature enables the users to integrate all internal and external data, primary and secondary, into a common intelligence platform.

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